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Sales Management Consulting Services

The right sales management consultant to lead your team

Increase revenue by working with a sales strategy consulting firm


As a president or CEO who has struggled to give your sales team direction and a solid strategy, you can finally benefit from the right expertise by using our expert sales management consulting services. 


That means no more: 

Dividing your team between being a CEO and a sales manager

Losing your best salesperson to a manager position they aren't trained to do

Losing revenue to slow sales

Keeping salespeople on the team who are no longer a good fit

Lacking the sales manager character to hold the team accountable


When you hire a trained and experienced sales manager for your team, you'll be able to:

Grow your company with a professional sales team

Ensure your CRM is working effectively for your business

Integrate sales and marketing goals for maximum results

Focus on your official duties as an owner or CEO

Receive the exact amount of help you need

Add new direction to your sales initiatives

Approach new sales opportunities


The problem with a full-time sales manager is that they have higher salaries than most small to medium-sized companies can afford. By hiring an outsourced sales manager, you can save an average of 35% to 45% of what you would have paid a full-time manager. 


The best part of welcoming an outsourced sales manager to your team is that they are carefully selected to match your company's specific needs. Through an in-depth analysis of your company, workers, sales stats, and growth goals, you get optimum sales and business consulting. Your chosen sales manager will lead your team with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to make improvements. They will lead your company in the right direction for a fraction of the cost of a full-time manager.

Effectiveness and improvement audit

Start on the right foot with an in-depth sales team evaluation

To plan for growth, you need to know where you are and why. 


That's why the first thing we do is conduct an audit to benchmark your company's current performance and create a roadmap of where you want to go. Your roadmap is tailored to your business, with a unique set of growth and sales requirements that will propel your company to the head of your league.

Sales and business consulting and weekly growth sessions

When you hire an outsourced sales manager, you also benefit from weekly support meetings, where we will review company progress, KPIs, goals, quotas, and a set of sales metrics explicitly tailored to your company. 


Key areas you can expect to improve right away include:


  • Improve lead generation - Increase the quantity and quality of sales leads.

  • Optimize sales process - Create a repeatable sales process tailored to your company.

  • Leverage technology - Use the latest software and applications to streamline the sales process. 

  • Maximize sales management - With a dedicated, trained sales management specialist, you will benefit from a comprehensive suite of sales management functions.

  • Improvement individual performance - Through hands-on coaching and mentoring, your salespeople will improve their strengths and skills to become the best in the business.

When you opt for sales management consulting services with Outlook Consulting you can enjoy:

  • Weekly in-person or virtual meetings

  • No contracts – you can cancel at any time

  • A flat monthly fee

  • Personalized support for as long as you need it

Who We Work With

Our sales management consultants offer their expertise to companies in a whole variety of sectors including:

Computer Hardware



Environmental Services


Food & Beverage




Advertising &


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