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Leading effective teams and exponential growth


You are a unique company. You aspire to improve your clients' lives with high-quality products and services. But, despite your best efforts, you aren't working at your highest potential. The reason? You don't have a sales manager that can rise to the high demands of a sales management position. 


As a CEO or owner of your small to medium-sized business, you're not alone in this predicament. The truth is, many owners struggle to grow sales and revenue without the help of a dedicated sales manager.


It’s why we decided to offer a completely outsourced service to businesses that need expertise to bridge that gap as they grow. We work with companies in a variety of different sectors, from computer hardware to construction, engineering to manufacturing and telecommunications. Our job is to choose the right sales expert for your needs and help you begin to boost your sales.

Our Founder

Our founder is familiar with the struggles of balancing sales team management with running the entire business. He understands not being able to afford a full-time sales manager’s salary. That's because he has lived through it all. 


He joined a sales team at entry-level and rose through the ranks as his company’s sales grew. He eventually found himself carrying the weight of the entire company's sales growth. When he was promoted to the Director of Sales and Marketing, his company promoted their best salesperson to a manager position. He became responsible for sustaining and growing the entire company’s sales revenues, all while hiring, training, and managing his own newly formed sales team. 


It was from these struggles that he developed his sales and business consulting ideas. He instituted a systematic and repeatable sales process and provided the company with record-breaking revenue and growth. 


Using these same methods, we want to help other small to midsize businesses struggling to increase their sales revenues without hiring a full-time sales manager. We now help companies maximize their success with our tailored sales management consulting services, developing exceptional sales teams and dedicated managers and building exponential growth.


Antonio Scatena

Maximize your growth.

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