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Sales Management consulting services.

Outlook Consulting Inc. offers sales and business consulting for your sales team. Outsource your sales management and map your path to success.

Sales and business consulting

Sales are the lifeline of your business.

When you are growing your business, the idea of hiring a full-time sales manager can feel like a major investment. 


As a small to midsize company, you simply don't have the resources to pay a full-time manager's salary. You don't have a large enough sales team creating enough work for a full-time position, even if you could. 


So you are left with two unenviable options:


  • Promote your best salesperson - While it may seem like the obvious solution, you risk losing your best salesperson and gaining an ineffective manager. 

  • Do it yourself - You're a great CEO and you know your product inside-out, but that doesn’t mean you have the time, desire, or skills necessary to lead a sales team.

Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.
– Steve Jobs

Outsource Your Sales Management

There is a way for you to capitalize on the expertise of an experienced sales manager without the commitment. By partnering with a sales management consultant you can give your sales team the strategic guidance it needs without over stretching the business before it is ready to take the next step. 

Tailored Sales and Business Consulting

You need a sales manager who can work with you on your terms, to assess your processes, drive improvements and guide your team to greater success.

Audit of monthly management


This service measures different areas of your business and compares with industry best practices. By identifying gaps and deficiencies, you can focus on your business areas that need the most improvement. Audits are conducted virtually or in person, whichever approach works best for you. 


Other benefits of audits: 


  • Flat fee

  • Low-entry to purchase month-to-month consulting

  • Identifies gaps and deficiencies where consulting services can help

Take the first step to improving your company.
Outsourced Sales Management

Through weekly sales and business consulting engagements, you and your company can work with a sales management expert to develop strategies for increasing your sales and revenue. Managed sales services are a holistic approach to outsourcing your sales management. This service includes CRM management and marketing reviews. 


Other benefits include: 


  • No-contract service

  • Flat fee

  • Long-term engagement

  • May also focus on other sales or business development

Find the right sales manager for your team.

The Benefits of a Sales Manager

Sales managers offer more than just sales. They have the training and experience needed to direct your team, creating cohesion, and boosting morale among your workers.

Having a sales strategy consulting firm that complements and enhances your team culture is crucial for generating the growth you seek. That's why Outlook Consulting works closely with companies and employees, conducting in-depth analyses to match you with the best outsourced sales manager for your company.

A sales management consultant will also contribute to better customer relations management and marketing. They devise and implement a marketing strategy while providing excellent customer service that engages new customers and retains those you already have. With a dedicated sales manager, you can focus on running and growing your company, knowing that an expert is in charge of streamlining your sales team and producing results.

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